I'm a child of God, a husband to a wonderfully beautiful wife and a father to 3 pretty amazing kids.

And I'm a photographer.

A decade or so ago, I developed a passion for seeing things most do not see. Back then they called it "having an eye for it."

Through college, countless seminars and workshops, I have fine-tuned my eyes.

Today I'm not in such a rush to have a title or a name for it. I look through the lens and I see more than just you. I see everything around you and I see the final image.

Yes, within that moment, I know how that image will look when I deliver it to you.

This is where the passion is born.

This is where my telling of your story begins.

The anticipation to take that image and create what I see in the end, is a beautiful thing.

Currently serving Columbus, GA and surrounding areas.  Also booking weddings and events around the country.  Regardless of YOUR location, give me a call and we'll work it out.


--Humbly yours,

Toby Keathley

For appointments, call:

812-244-9442 or email ShotByTheBest@icloud.com

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